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We have Dealer Office Space for Rent for Auto Sales with with Car Lot for getting your Dealer License in California.  Best of all we can walk you through the Dealer License Application process.

How to Get Your Dealer License in California

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Get your Dealer License.  We have Dealer Office Space for Rent in California that is DMV/City Approved for your Retail Auto Dealer License. 

"Do you really want to be left alone?"

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Our dealership packages offer a range of features and services to support your business needs. From basic office space rentals with signage and office furniture to comprehensive turnkey packages that include DMV representation, company formation assistance, and access to exclusive Manheim events, we have options to suit every dealer's requirements. Additionally, we offer coaching and support services to help you navigate the process of starting your own car company, including a weekly Zoom coaching event called "Coffee With John" where dealers can receive personalized coaching or simply engage with their peers.


$250 Retail when paid annually

One Year Lease - $395 Per month

  1. Your own DMV/City Approved Office

  2. Office Furniture/Locking Cabinet

  3. Signage Inside per OL Regulations

  4. Sign Outside per OL Regulations

  5. Bond Referral

  6. Coach will Co-Host your DMV Inspection

  7. CDFTA Dealer Handbook

  8. Wholesale $250 +$250 to start

  9. Retail $395 + $395 to start

  10. Super Saver $3,000 Retail ($250 x 12)

  11. Dealer Practice Test

  12. Dealership Cloud Framework

  13. Coaching is not Included

  14. A' La Carte Coaching Purchase Options see our VIP-Skinny Price Break down

One Year Lease - $395 Per month

  1. Includes First Price Tier

  2. First Month Rent $395

  3. DMV Signage $395

  4. City Business License FREE+Fee

  5. CDFTA Set-Up Seller Permit $99

  6. Annual Compliance Staffing $350

  7. Set-Up DMV Portal $199

  8. DMV Enter Your Data $150

  9. StarterSet Dealer Forms $199

  10. Dealership Tools Temp Tag, Compliance

  11. Dealership Cloud Framework

  12. Access to our VIP Content Library $49

  13. Co-Host your DMV Inspection w/You $59

  14. Phone Support $49 Each Call

  15. VIP Zoom Coaching Events $99 each

  16. Note Coaching is on TextLine


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Includes Compliance Staffing

One Year Lease - $395 Per month

  1. Includes First & Second Tier Packages

  2. With two months Dealer Rent $790 

  3. Monthly Compliance Staffing included

  4. LLC Formation w/Partners

  5. IRS Tax ID Set-up

  6. Dealer $50,000 Bond ($750 Credit)

  7. VIP - Manheim In-Person Event 

  8. Telephone Support 7am - 7pm

  9. Text Line Support 7am - 7pm

  10. VIP Coaching "Before & After" Licensure

  11. VIP Zoom Coaching - Deal Flow

  12. VIP Coaching Customer Finance

  13. VIP Coaching Inventory Finance

  14. VIP Coaching - Private Zoom

  15. In Person Private Coaching Thursdays 1hr

Does Not Include Dealer Plate, Dealer Endorsement or any other serviced not expressed herein 

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Includes Compliance Staffing

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New Regulations - Simpler | Smarter

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Accordingly, the dealership is permitted to deliver the vehicle to the customer at an off-site location in order to complete the sale through the licensed location as required by VC §5901(d)

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Offsite Delivery

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