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No Dealer Lot Required | Dealer Office Space and Car Spot 

"Do you really want to be left alone?"

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Get Your Dealer License.
We have City/DMV Approved Dealer Office Space with Car Spot. Thousands of people just like you have considered getting a dealer license in California to access auctions and wholesale deals that would otherwise be closed to them.  We can help get your Dealer License.

New Regulations - Simpler | Smarter

Contact Details

9431 Haven Avenue

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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Online Sales -
Offsite Delivery
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Accordingly, the dealership is permitted to deliver the vehicle to the customer at an off-site location in order to complete the sale through the licensed location as required by VC §5901(d)

Anchored Location for your Retail Dealer License - DMV/City Approved w/Car Spot
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