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We have Dealer Office Space for Rent for Auto Sales with with Car Lot for getting your Dealer License in California.  Best of all we can walk you through the Dealer License Application process.

How to Get Your Dealer License in California

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Dealer License

Get your Dealer License.  We have Dealer Office Space for Rent in California that is DMV/City Approved for your Retail Auto Dealer License. 

Disclaimer: Inland Valley Auto Mall is not affiliated with Dealer 101. This is a referral only and we do not provide the DMV Courses listed.

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33730 Yucaipa Blvd
Yucaipa, CA 92399

  • How to get a car dealer license for auction in California?
    Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a California Car Auction License Obtain License and Permits. Prep Your Business Location and Take Photos. Get a California Auto Dealer Bond. Get Your Auto Dealer/Auction License Application Forms. Fill Out Your Forms & Submit. More Items
  • How to get car dealer license without a lot in California?
    Application Process For A Wholesale-Only Dealer License Complete the Dealer Education Program and pass the used dealer test. Visit and download the application checklist. Complete all the required forms and applications and attach the necessary documentation. More items...
  • How do I get a retail car dealer license in California?
    How to Get a California Auto Dealer License Determine Which Type of California Car Dealer License You Need. Attend a Dealer Training Program. Obtain a Permanent Business Location. Acquire Licenses and Permit. Compile the Required Documents. Obtain Your Auto Dealer Bond. Arrange a Place of Business Inspection. More Items...
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Dealer Office Space is the premier destination for individuals looking to start their own used car dealership in California. With our convenient rental options, aspiring dealers can obtain an approved dealer office space and car spot, making it easier than ever to obtain a retail or wholesale dealer license.

Our dealership packages offer a range of features and services to support your business needs. From basic office space rentals with signage and office furniture to comprehensive turnkey packages that include DMV representation, company formation assistance, and access to exclusive Manheim events, we have options to suit every dealer's requirements. Additionally, we offer coaching and support services to help you navigate the process of starting your own car company, including a weekly Zoom coaching event called "Coffee With John" where dealers can receive personalized coaching or simply engage with their peers.

At Dealer Office Space, we understand that starting your own car dealership can be an overwhelming process. That's why we are here to provide you with the resources, support, and expertise you need to succeed. Whether you're interested in generating passive income or pursuing a passion for the automotive industry, our dealer office spaces and packages are designed to help you start and run your business with confidence. Don't let the bureaucratic obstacles stand in your way - rent your dealer office space now and start building your new venture today.

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