How Would Your Life Change if You Could Successfully Flip Cars?

Your Own Flipping Coach By A Licensed Dealer

Inland Valley Auto Mall can teach you the ropes for finding, flipping and getting on good cash from Auto Dealer only auction vehicles.  You could have a "Licensed Retail Auto Dealer Coach" right there to walk you through the process, step-by-step for cars, trucks and RV's to generate passive and residual income. 

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Let's Get Started

Your Own Dealer License 

"Can you really afford to fail?"

  • Business Set-Up

  • Occupational Licensing

  • Physical Location

  • Auction Access

  • Dealer Plate 

  • Dealer Bond

  • Temp Plates

  • Consumer Finance

  • Vehicle Registration/Title

  • Inventory Finance/Flooring

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Text/Call: (909)442-0099

Coaching from a Licensed Retail Auto Dealer

Coaching from a Retail Licensed Dealer! 
We have a Proven Program

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Dealer Only Auctions 

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Because Starting Your Own Car Business Shouldn't Suck!

Getting your Dealer License

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Thousands of people just like you have considered getting a dealer license in California to access auctions and wholesale deals that would otherwise be closed to them. But finding out exactly how to get a car dealer’s license in California can be a challenge. If you plan to sell cars and make money, you’ll need a dealer license. The law is pretty clear on this “…only the Registered Owner shall sell or offer for sale a vehicle of a type required to be registered”


We have a five step program to help you get your dealer’s license in California.  You will always know where you are at, what is behind you and what lies ahead.  Without a plan your journey in this industry will be like a boat with out a rudder- aimlessly going nowhere.  

Learn how to get a Limited Guarantee on  your Dealer Auction Vehicles

"What you don't know can hurt you"

Example of Covered Items

  • 7-Day or 14-Day Inspection Guarantee

  • Claim Mileage Criteria 200 miles

  • Odometer verification

  • Transmission engagement and function

  • Engine function and operation

  • Drivetrain

  • 4x4 system engagement

  • Differential engagement

  • ABS and brake function

  • Electrical accessory function (for vehicles up to 4 model years old)

  • Emission control equipment present (vehicle checked to meet emissions standards in the state)

  • Air conditioning checked for operation

  • SRS (supplemental restraint system/airbags) check

  • Structure checked

  • Flood inspection

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Auction Vehicle w/Blown Engine - No Way!

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